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Core ideas

Mission: Create with mind, win-win future

1, we adhere to the original heart, with a dream, gather talents, with technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing to help customers improve their competitive advantage, to create high-quality, beautiful products for the society.

2, we have originality, long-term management, create value for customers and shareholders, and cooperate with suppliers to win a better future. Winning is a result that represents our determination and foretells our future.

3, we respect and empower every partner who makes efforts for the enterprise with empathy, so that employees can achieve growth and value of life through struggle.

4,We adhere to the social responsibility, practice green production and social welfare, and actively promote sustainable social development.

Vision: To become the most trusted partner of global benchmark customers

1、We aim at the global market, deeply cultivate the needs of large customers, relying on leading technology and operational excellence, to provide customers with highly competitive solutions and products.

2, we pursue the ultimate, continuous innovation, beyond customer expectations, and strive to become the first choice and the most trusted partner of global benchmark customers.

3, the customer is always the protagonist, we are the best supporting role.

Core values

(一)Customer: Customer first, customer is the day

(二)Commitment: Dare to promise, and do what you say

(三)Innovation: Change leads to success

(四)Long-termism: go the long way, do the hard work

(五)Pursuit of excellence: there is no best, only better

(六)Intensive collaboration: Make progress a little bit each day and work together to move forward